Cartels and

Cartels are the most serious breaches of competition law. They cause substantial harm to customers and to competitors of the cartel and cartel participants are regularly subject to large fines. Directors and employees of cartelists may be imprisoned if they have acted dishonestly to set up or implement the cartel, and may also be disqualified from running a company.

‘Private enforcement’ of EU and competition law by victims of anti-competitive behaviour is becoming increasingly common. Victims of cartels may be able to obtain compensation from the cartel – usually through litigation, although a settlement is normally reached before the issue comes to court.

Most cartels are detected by competition authorities – whether nationally or at EU level – and they regularly publish information on their work. This can be used to decide if you may have a claim against a cartel you bought from and which you may not otherwise have known about. – please contact us for more information.

We have substantial experience in damages actions against cartels and other anti-competitive practices. We work with litigation, mediation and international arbitration specialists to ensure that our clients can achieve the most favourable outcome through court or alternative dispute resolution processes.


  • acting for a group suing the air cargo cartel;
  • acting for a merchant in relation to the sugar cartel;
  • acting for Guardian Care Homes on the leading claim against Barclays in relation to the LIBOR cartel investigation.

Latest news

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  • Sheppard│Co wins Regulatory Law Firm of the Year 2015 by Corporate LiveWire (May 2015)
  • Sheppard│Co sets up the Competition Damages Unit (CDU) and Competition Damages Fund (CDF) with finance from DCLG and in collaboration with CIPFA to bring competition damages claims on behalf of the public sector (February 2015)